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Rico Martinez

Studio Owner

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Rico is originally from Mexico City and he began dancing at the age of 5, learning first by breaking in the streets on sheets of cardboard. He began performing in local television programs and street dance shows. At the age of 15 he formed a group called Black Tendency with 4 other dancers and they won a televised talent contest called El Club. He was then hired to dance in commercials for Disney and he did a Super Bowl Commercial for the Patriots in 2003. Rico then took his formal training to the next level and began riding 2 buses and a subway for 3 hours everyday to dance at Danza Tres studio on the south side of Mexico City.

He did this for 6 months before he was scouted out by the Latin Pop Star Belinda. Rico then spent the next 3 years traveling internationally all over the world performing as a dancer for Belinda's world tours. He has performed in USA, Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Panama and all over Mexico. He danced in televised performances such as Nickelodeon Argentina, Fox Sports Miami and The MTV Latin Music Awards. He is forever a student and continues his training at every opportunity- including annual trips to New York City. Now as the owner of Pound It Hip Hop Studio in Red Deer Alberta, Rico prides himself by bringing the pioneers of street dance styles to his studio to give the best opportunities for his students-to not only learn about the dance but also the Hip Hop culture. When Rico isn't dancing he's often DJing for events in and around Central Alberta.

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