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Jenna waNaomi grew up in Saskatchewan on her parents farm with her 4 sisters. From an early age Naomi loved to entertain others through dancing, acting and singing. Naomi loves to teach dance, perform, make others laugh and entertain others through story telling. Naomi has a Bachelor of Education with specialities in Early Years, Art, Music and French. Naomi also holds a Bachelor of Arts Majors in Drama and Dance and Minors in Psychology and Sociology. Naomi is a mother of 2 young boys and currently teaches the Bambino and 4 year old programs in the studio.

Naomi has danced in Street Style Lab in NYC and in Red Deer and has learned from many of the originators of Hip Hop. She has trained, danced and taught with many dance studios/companies across AB/BC/SK.  Naomi is also a certified Zumba and Zumbini instructor. 

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