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Minnows is our toddler level classes for 2-3 yr olds. This 4 week session will focus on fun, exploration of different beats and falling in love with moving to music. This is a popular one, so sign up and save your spot today. $65 per session. PARENTED

March 20th to April 10th

Wednesday 4:30 - 5:00pm


Basic Level

0 to less than a year of experience.

Student: Never danced before or not involved in any type of movement performance. Limited exposure or connection to HipHop/House/Funk/Juke/Dancehall

GOALS: Have a basic understanding of rhythm and groove as it relates to the particular dance style it will be applied to. Using different parts of the body and basic motion and direction training.


Aqua Groovers 4-5yrs Crew Class Monday 5:00-5:45pm

2 additional 30 min classes included:

Tuesday 4:30-5:00pm Breaking,

Thursday 4:30-5:00pm Hip Hop

$90 per month


Beginner Level

Beginner: 0-2 years of experiance.

Student: Have danced around the house and or in social settings but have never taken a dance class before or very limited previous training. 

GOALS: Learn the groove that is associated with the particular style of dance that is being taught.  Learn how that groove affects the body. Drills of the founding steps of the particular style.


Buoys and Gulls 6-9 yrs- Crew Class Mondays 6:00-6:45pm


3 Additional Optional Classes Included:

Monday 5:00-5:45pm Breaking

Tuesday 5:00-5:45pm Hip Hop

Wednesday 6:00-6:45pm Hip Hop 

Thursday 5:00-5:45pm All Styles

$115 per month


Advanced Beginner

Advanced Beginner :1-3 years of experiance.

Student: Have danced before in a studio setting. Understands the basics and beginner steps trying to gain more fluency.

GOALS: Learning the six basic variations of the beginner steps introduction to flow and groove. Six basic variations are step, slide, jump, forward, side, and back. Depending on the dance style, class may also have application practices.


The Pelicans 6-9yrs Crew Class Wednesday 5:00 -5:45pm

4 additional classes included:

Mon 5:00-5:45pm Breaking

Tue 5:00-5:45pm Hip Hop

Wed 6:00-6:45pm Hip Hop 

Thur 5:00-5:45pm All Styles

​$140 per month

3 competitions and 3 battles

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