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My name is Halle Smart I am an 18 year old student/teacher/choreographer based out of Red Deer Alberta. I started dancing when I was 5 years old training and learning about my Ukrainian culture through Ukrainian dance which I continued for 7 years at a small dance group called Kvitka. This opened up a door for me where I realized I wanted to start exploring other types of dance and what lessons and values they also hold. Which I dabbled in a bit of tap and ballet training for one year at JDs Fabulous Feet and realized how interesting every style of dance could be. I then shifted my journey to training at Pound it Hip Hop Studios where I discovered the culture and surroundings around hip hop. I gained lots of knowledge from learning all the different styles in street and club dance, the elements, and where the music/moves originated from. This really brought me back full circle to my original mindset which was connecting my culture to dance. I have now presently been training with Pound It for 8 years and have been teaching for 3 of those years. I am greatly appreciative to see the impact and opportunity my dance is opening up for those of the new generation. Throughout this time I have taken multiple workshops (technical styles and from OG’s of hip hop) and attended many battles to expand my knowledge and push my dance further.


 I am still continuing to learn, challenge and create more for my passion of dance and cannot wait to share/connect with others and hopefully help them discover more about themselves and their potential in their dance as well.

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