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Funk E

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Funk E was  born and raised in Panama. He has a soul, disco, latino and reggae musical background. Funk E has been a breaking student from the 2000 to present and currently owns his own graphic designing company based out of Calgary - Edward Campbell Studio.

Funk E was a member of the crew "One Of Them" in the early 2000s and in  2003 he became the founding member of the crew "Fullstyle Crew" which is currently one of the oldsest breaking crews still active and representing Hip Hop culture in Panama.  Fullstyle crew started with 7 members - all bboys and throughout the years they have been blessed to have new members that are MCs, Graffiti writers and a DJ. All of whick have brought more Hip Hop knowledge to the group which is now known ans "Fullstyle Family". 

As a group they use Hip Hop as a positive tool to share knowledge, awareness and self-confidence to the youth. 

As a dancer Funk E makes a point of sharing all the values that go along with breaking and hip hop. A dance that can connect people of all ages, religions and ethnicities. These styles when taught with positive values have the power to develop a healthy and balanced physical/mental state all through a fun activity. 


"Through my teaching I have reached both high risk and non- risk youth. Teaching respect, how to share, teamwork and to push themselves out of their comfort zone. All of these values and discipline are very helpful when buliding common life skills."

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