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At age 11, Josh McKinnon fell in love with hip hop. From the music, to the dance styles, to the culture itself, hip hop is where he finds himself most at home. Born in Calgary, Josh found his place when he took his first dance class. From there Josh has developed his own original movement by studying and combining foundations from styles such as: Popping, Breaking, House, Animation, and Litefeet. Josh has trained under hip hop pioneers such as: The Electric Boogaloos, Sho-Tyme, Mr. YouTube, Chrybaby Cozie, Monsta Pop, and many others. Some of Josh’s performance highlights include: Beakernight 2018, Transcend Vancouver 2018 (Illustrative Society), Mantra Tour Edmonton, and Army of Sass Gatsby. Josh was assistant choreographer for Tribulations, a dance story directed and choreographed by Hannah Joelle.
Most recently, he was associate choreographer for Cappuccino Theatre’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, directed by Tory Doctor. Josh is consistently expanding his experiences and pushing his artistic boundaries. In addition, Josh also facilitates mental health gatherings for artists. Through his love for his art, and his practises in mental health, Josh’s goal is to guide the next generation and help them unlock their true potential.

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