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2022/2023 Fall Registration Opens May 15 2022
Drop ins $25 and punch passes welcome for all open classes. Please view our schedule page.
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Advanced Beginner :

1-3 years of experience.

Student: Have danced before in a studio setting. Understands the basics and beginner steps trying to gain more fluency.

GOALS: Learning the six basic variations of the beginner steps introduction to flow and groove. Six basic variations are step, slide, jump, forward, side, and back. Depending on the dance style, class may also have application practices.


Mondays 7pm

Additional Optional Classes:

Mon 8pm Waacking

Tues 7pm Litefeet

Wed 8pm House

Thurs 6pm Hip Hop

Fri 5pm Wild Card


3 competitions and 3 Battles

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(Pound It Basic Adults)

0 to less than a year of experiance.

Student: Never danced before or not involved in any type of movement performance. Limited exposure or connection to Hip Hop/House/Funk/Juke/Dancehall

GOALS: Have a basic understanding of rhythm and groove as it relates to the particular dance style it will be applied to. Using different parts of the body and basic motion and direction training.

Tuesdays 8pm-

Class is for fun and to get moving. No performances


Additional Open styles classes can be added for $45/mo

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