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February 8 2021 Update: First 10 local youth registrations are invited to attend workshops in studio. 

Contemporary Class: Healing through Movement with Kelli Foreman USA

February 12 2021 at 5pm MST on ZOOM

Cost $20

Class Description:

Movement aligns the body with the soul, allowing us to connect directly with inherent space and freedom. Through dance and self-expression, we will learn how to heal ourselves in this physical body. In this class, we will cover how to utilize the concept of elements (earth, air, fire, water) as a healing method, how to connect and move from the main energetic points of our body (chakras), how to dance with meditative concentration, and how to use the powerful concept of light to explore our ability to heal others.

Kelli Forman is an international teaching artist and choreographer from the United States. After years of intensive training in the American Midwest, Kelli danced professionally in New York City and Los Angeles, working on shows such as X-Factor, Dancing With the Stars, America’s Got Talent, and Glee and modeling for companies such as Coca-Cola and Reebok. Kelli later completed her degree in Dance at the University of California Santa Barbara, advocated extensively for diversity in K-12 and collegiate dance education, and for six years held the position of National Director for a dance non-profit organization that provided free dance to thousands of low-income youth each year across the United States. Kelli shifted her focus from community work to global work, traveling the world as a teaching artist and choreographer in Contemporary, Chicago Footwork, and Heels Dance. Kelli is member of Creation Global, an international Chicago Footwork crew. Kelli envisions and works towards an international network of artists who will be able to creatively and collectively develop a more healthy Earth

Heels with Kelli Forman February 13 2021 at 5 pm MST on ZOOM




Join us for an open levels heels class with professional dancer and choreographer Kelli Forman! This heels class will be focused on developing movement based in the feminine energy existing in both women and men. All levels are welcome to explore movement, music, and expression. Kelli has performed in heels dance performances from television to burlesque clubs for over ten years, and she teaches this heels practice internationally from the USA to India to Brazil. She loves working with all levels of dancers, because the practice is about developing the dancer’s connection to self as much as it is about developing the dance technique. Please feel free to wear heels for the online class, but they are not required. Comfortable athletic clothing is recommended. The hour long class will consist of an introduction, warm up, heels technique foundation practice, and learning then performing a dance routine. Please do not worry if you have limited space, as all movement will be created with our current at-home situation in mind.

Chicago Footwork with King Charles February 19 2021 @ 5pm MST



Chicago Footwork: Basic Foundation is a moderately paced Chicago Footwork class focused on building foundation from popular footwork basics and also learning variations, developing flow, and technique.

Chicago dancer King Charles specializes in the dance style which originated in his native city known as 'Chicago Footwork'. This dance style is a high energy genre of movement in which the feet move to House and Juke music reaching tempos of 160bpm. King Charles is the sovereign of footworking! He is also a strong Hip Hop/Newstyle dancer.  

King Charles is the Artistic Director and an original member of renowned Chicago dance company, The FootworKINGZ. The company has gained worldwide recognition for their exceptional talent and skill in the style of footwork and is now sharing this once unknown style with the masses. The FootworKINGZ have featured on major television shows including America's Got Talent and America's Best Dance Crew.

King Charles travels the world sharing his art, knowledge and talent. He battles on the international circuit and has a wealth of performance and choreography experience in shows, music videos, film and television. King Charles is a well established teacher and also leads numerous workshops on his travels. 

King Charles has worked with many top artists including Madonna and Will.I.Am and continues to show the world why he is one of a kind and blow audiences away with his energy and creativity. King Charles is also a skilled rapper/MC.



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