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ChryBaby Cozie

Litefeet Workshop

Oct 30 Beginner 6pm-7PM, Int/Adv 7pm-8:30pm

Oct 31 Beginner 4:30-5:30pm, Int/Adv 5:30-7pm

Nov 1 Beginner 6pm-7PM, Int/Adv 7pm-8:30pm

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Jump Around 6-9yrs
Bambinos 2-3 years

Street dance is a culture not just a dance, a music, or an art! Cebo teaches from the understanding that if you understand the culture it will be easier for you to find your self in the culture and what makes you comfortable. Cebo has been dancing since before he could speak. Winning his first dance competition at 5 years old. He has since gone on to win some of the world’s largest dance battles such as Juste Debout Japan, and House Dance International. He has also choreographed for King Street Records recording artist Kimara Lovelace. 

Cebo is the president of Next Generation NYC, LLC and creative director of GenX The Company, MiniX, Kinextions, and iRep Senior and Junior. Cebo is also the national program director for EveryBody Dance Now! Cebo also serves on the board of directors for Ladies of Hip Hop Festival! and is also a member of the world renown groups Dance Fusion and MopTop. He has shared collaborated with all of the top street dancers in the world today.

In 2003 he set out to open a studio in Japan based on teaching the fundamentals of street. Next Generation New York Studios. It is now in it‘s twentieth year of operation with thousands of students making it one of the largest street dance schools in the Chugoku region of Japan. Since returning to New York his focus has been on creating a teaching methodology that is conducive with maintaining the culture integrity. Through Music, Feeling, and Dance! See you in class.

Cost: $200

Register at, Limited space.

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