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Workshops, Sessions and Pop Up Classes

Jump Around 6-9yrs
Bambinos 2-3 years
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We are so excited to have this Litefeet legend back to train our dancers! This workshop will include a video shoot with Chrybaby on the last day. Red Deer dancers + Sylvan dancers + ChryBaby = FIRE!

March 18, 19 at 7pm- 8:30pm Pound It Red Deer

March 20,21  7pm- 8:30pm at Pound It Sylvan Lake

March 22 6pm Video Shoot at Pound It Red Deer


This is part of our competitive programs mandatory training. Competitive dancers are already registered. Fees will process March 15 through your online account. 

All other dancers email to regisiter, very limited space remaining.


Hop freestyle genre called Lite Feet. Being raised in Harlem in the late 80’s was a source of great influence for Chrybaby, as it was his foundation for dance, music and the source of inspiration to uplift the youth and communities around him today. Chrybaby has been teaching Lite Feet and Hip Hop for more than 10 years and is currently teaching at the Peridance Center in NYC. Chrybaby has been cultivating and keeping the Lite Feet culture alive for ten years with the NYC youth. And through the culture, he has created a Hip Hop dance organization called ‘The Breakfast Club’ E.A.T (Earning All Together) in 2005.
The Breakfast Club is a platform for youth, to build upon their passion, talent and be given an opportunity to promote themselves in a positive light. After the creation of ‘The Breakfast Club’ Chrybaby created ‘The Lite Feet Nation’; a community connected by individuals who were there from the conception of the dance genre, to the youth who keep it alive today. Chrybaby’s extensive knowledge of Hip Hop and Lite Feet has led him to working with artists such as Chris Brown “Kiss Kiss”, Ron Browz “Pop Champagne” ft. Jim Jones and Jules Santana, and ASAP Ferg “Dope Walk.” His dedication and love for the culture has changed his life and inspired many others around him.

“Leveling up is my way of life. Level Up Amongst The Greatest.”

Born and raised on the South side of Chicago, King Charles discovered footworkin at the age of 14. When Charles turned 15 he decided to pursue the style and the culture full out. Him and 3 of his neighborhood friends made a footwork group of there own to represent on the Juke scene in local areas like, 'Markham Skating Rink'. They called this group, 'Creative' but a little while after there first appearance, a more well known group made a 'diss record' on Creative but accidently pronounced there name wrong on the track and called them 'Creation'. To most people, that situation would be unfortunate. But Charles and his teammates used there creativity to keep the name that footworkers dissed them with and blew it up. Becoming one of the most well-known and respected footwork groups of all times. 14 years later, they stand strong and consistent, quadrupling in numbers stretching out to Los Angeles-Japan-Atlanta-Poland & Taiwan in works of spreading to many more. 'Creation Global'.

Several years after the creation of Creation, King Charles became the Artistic Director and an original member of renowned Chicago dance company, The FootworKINGZ ran by the legendary Lady Sol(who also mentored Charles in teaching classes & choreography and was one of the biggest reasons for his growth in the industry/street dance scene in his early years). The company has gained worldwide recognition for their exceptional talent and skill in the style of footwork and is now sharing this once unknown style with the masses. The FootworKINGZ have featured on major television shows including America's Got Talent and America's Best Dance Crew. 

King Charles travels the world sharing his art, knowledge and talent battling on the international circuit and has a wealth of performance and choreography experience in shows, music videos, film and television. King Charles is a well established teacher and also leads numerous workshops on his travels in hopes of a big bright future for his team and culture. 

King Charles has worked with many top artists including Madonna and Will.I.Am and continues to show the world why he is one of a kind and blow audiences away with his energy and creativity. King Charles is also a skilled rapper/MC.

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