Dec 1,2,3,& 4 2020

Member of Heavy Hittaz, Soulbotics Krew & Creator of Funkanometry, Minibots and Gigabots crew,

A.J. “MegaMan” Kambere is a world-renown professional dancer, Battler & entertainer. With his talent in Hip Hop, Popping/Animation, Memphis Jookin, Stepping/Gumboot Dancing & Bopping, A.J. MegaMan has taught in every continent sharing his knowledge to other dancers. He has worked with the likes of Popping John, Dytto, Wildabeast, Phillip Chebeeb Madd Chadd, Boppin Andre, Luther Brown on many different dance-related projects. Some Projects MegaMan has worked on is: N.B.C.s World of Dance season 3, Hip Hop Battlegrounds, Keep on Dancing (K.O.D.) Artist Emerge, Represent Edmonton, Body Talk Miami & the list goes on. His primary teachers, Megan Jones, Boppin Andre, Jwon, & Liz Vaessen, have all been credited to helping MegaMan reach a successful professional level. Furthermore, MegaMan enjoys teaching, battling, hosting events & assisting others in achieving their goals. If MegaMan had to give every dancer worldwide some advice, he’d say “K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid.


Megaman will also be judging at our Christmas Performance and Battle Dec 6 2020. Details TBA

Caleaf is still coming ....once our borders reopen

 4 days of FIRE!!

Stay tuned for dates



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