Pound It Summer Camps

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Education is for improving the lives of
Education is for improving the lives of


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How can you be a superhero in REAL LIFE?


This camp includes superhero costumes, funk music, breaking foundation classes and a focus on becoming a real life Superhero!  


Super Hero talks about what is empathy? Recognize, differ, and name various emotions, name and identify bucket fillers and bucket dippers, all while connecting through the principles of Hip Hop -

Peace Love Unity and Fun!

It is "cool to be kind"

July 12-14 2021

July 20-22 2021

Ages 4-7 years

9am to 12 Noon

Costume Included

$99 plus gst

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Street and Club Dance Day Camp

3 full days of foundational dance moves!

Street Dance classes in Hip Hop, Litefeet, and Breaking

Club Dance classes in House and Waacking. No experience necessary.

When they aren't dancing, they are learning!


  • History- how struggle and hard times lead to dance changing culture.

  • Who are the elders, creators and pioneers of street dance.

  • How unity became the answer to violence and oppression in the late 60s and 70s South Bronx NYC

  • Why culture matters in dance- in order to know where you are going, you must know where you are coming from.

  • How music videos have lead to misinformation and misunderstanding when referring to the term "hip hop".

  • Cultural appropriation vs cultural appreciation.

Lectures, videos and art.

Light up their freestyle with this expansive dance vocabulary!

Ages 8- 15 years

July 5,6,&7 2021

10am to 3pm

Hip Hop T shirts included, dancers must bring a lunch.

$150 plus gst

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