Studio Rules and Information


  • Water only is permitted in the studio. No food or beverages in the studio.

  • Lost or missing items are the responsibility of the dancer. We cannot keep any lost or found items.

  • Dancers must wear clean indoor shoes for in the studio. No street shoes will be permitted as they damage the floor.

  • Do not touch or lean on the mirrors.

  • Studio is Co-Ed, we ask that girls dress appropriately ie) no sports bras, bare mid drifts or short shorts.

  • Pound It Hip Hop Studio reserves the right to terminate or refuse service to any student or parent displaying disrespect towards the studio or the staff.

  • Aggressive or disrespectful behaviours such as hitting, pushing, kicking or verbal abuse etc are not tolerated. Pound It Hip Hop Studio is a 100% abuse free environment and our focus is on dance, but also peace, love, unity, and having fun. 

  • In the event any of above behaviours occur:

    • First offence- the student will be immediately suspended and must leave the class and wait in the studio reception area for their parents to pick them up. There will then be a meeting with Rico (and instructor) and the student's parents before he or she will be permitted back into the program. Pound It Hip Hop reserves the right to expel any student after the first offence based on circumstances of the incident.

    • Second offence- the student is expelled immediately from the program and any dance/competition/costume fees will not be refunded

  • STUDIO TRIPS- All studio trip accommodations will be booked as a group- no exceptions. Flights may be booked separately to allow the use of travel points etc.


Rec Classes

Registration is open year round!


These classes are for those who are new to street dance and/or our studio. They are relaxed, inviting and designed to foster the love of music and recognize how it brings people together. Classes are 45 minutes once a week. They are taught by a variety of instructors and will include the styles of hip hop and breaking.  New this year we have added an additional Rec class called Funk Styles where dancers will learn the west coast styles of Popping and Locking; however, this class can only be taken in addition to a Rec Hip Hop Class. Dancers will perform in the Christmas Battle and in the studio year end show in June. 


Competitive Programs 

Lil Cuz, Las Primas & AK42s are Open Registration

Los Cholos, Fuego Extreme, La Bandita, La Familia and Batteram are Audition Based.


  • Competitive Groups ( LIL CUZ,  AND  Las Primas)- This is our basic competitive category. It is best suited for those who are just starting to compete or who want minimal travel requirements. One 45 min class a week. Fees are $900 for the year payments accepted at $90 per month.


  • Semi-Accelerated( LOS CHOLOS, Fuego Extreme and AK42s)- This program is for dancers who have previous competitive dance experience. It is a step up in skill level and commitment. Dancers will attend  competitions in Calgary and or Edmonton as well as opportunities to attend 2-3 street dance battles if they choose to. There will be no out of province travel required.  Two classes a week. Fees are $1600 for the year, payments accepted at $160 per month for Fuego Extreme and AK42s their classes are 60 min.  Los Cholos is $1500 or $150 per month as their classes are 45 min. Dancers are expected to attend our special guest workshops throughout the year.


  • Accelerated (La Familia and  LA BANDITA)- This is where dancers become “Family” in our accelerated program.  This program has the highest level of intensity, commitment, dedication and travel requirements.  Dancers will have 3 classes a week.   These dancers can expect to enter in both street dance choreography competitions as well as street dance battles. There may be travel requirements for these crews to championships, international competitions or training camps. Attendance to our special guest workshops throughout the year is mandatory. This program is for those who dream of dance and not those who wish to divide their passion among other sports or interests. Fees: $2000 per year, payments accepted at $200 per month.

  • BATTERAM  this is a competitive Bboy/Bgirl battle crew that is taught by Calgary's Funk E. Funk E is originally from Panama and is Representing his crew Full Style Family. This crew will attend street dance battles only. $1000 /year, payments accepted $100 per month. One 60 minute class per week.


  • Solos/Duets-There is limited studio / instructor availability to accommodate solos and duets.  Solos and Duets must audition at the competitive try outs. Skill, experience, and dedication will be taken into consideration. Furthermore, those joining the accerlerated competitive program will be given first priority in solo/duet selection. 



Our mandatory parent meeting is September 28 2018 at 6pm.


We have a wonderful group of supportive dance enthusiast parents who have set up the Pound It Hip Hop Dancers' Association for fundraising to support our dancers and help with dance expenses.  There is a membership fee and volunteer requirements to become a member of the association. This past year has been extremely successfully, the association has achieved all of its financial goals and the members received over $1700 each in dance credits!!  This money is for dance related expenses and will help our dancers get to New York this Summer for training and it will also pay for upcoming tuition and workshops. We encourage all dancers both rec and competitive to join this association. Even if you are not planning on travelling with our studio, the association can assist with other dance related expenses. More information will be given on the association at the mandatory parent dancer meeting Sept 28 @6pm.


  • We close the studio on all holidays and take breaks  mostly in accordance with the school schedule- there is some variation between catholic and public, so to be fair we have followed parts of both schedules. This to give families the ability plan vacations without conflicting with the dancer’s schedule. Please take this into consideration when you are planning to go away for an extended period of time and try to minimize missed classes. Studio Closures are posted in the dancer portal and also in the Important dates and Studio Closures page.


 Facebook Page

General Studio announcements and reminders such as schedule changes or class cancellations (should they happen) will be announced on the Pound It Hip Hop Studio- Studio Member Page on facebook. It is a closed group and you must request to join the group to be added. Announcements will also be posted in the dancer portal.

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