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Welcome to Central Alberta's Home of Hip Hop


We are a multidisciplinary dance studio focused on honouring the authentic roots of Hip Hop culture and providing world class instruction to our students. Our aim is to educate and bring awareness about Hip Hop so we may help preserve the history and teachings of the pioneers who created these beautiful dance styles, all the while providing an inviting and inclusive environment where dancers feel at home. 


​Our studio is aware of the misconceptions around what Hip Hop culture is and how the term has been exploited for financial gain. Pound It Hip Hop Studio’s teachings are emulated by the principles of hip hop: Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun. However, it is so much more than this. It is also about commUNITY engagement, recognizing the importance of giving back, standing up for equality, cultivating resilience, inspiring others, and utilizing creativity.

We have various levels of programs from ages 2 yrs to adult. We are so excited to announce that we will be competing and battling in the premier season of The Legacy League- Youth Street Club Dance League for studios that specialize in street and club dance! We have all been frustrated with the lack of education of street dance in studio and choreography competitions and lack of education amongst judges. This international competition league is the first of its kind and we are so proud to be part of it!

We are hosting a Legacy League prep camp August 24 and 25 2021 for ages 6-9 years and August 26 and 27 for 10-19yrs. This camp will allow us to ensure we have the dancers placed in the correct crew, give everyone insight on expectations, assessments and training schedules. Registration to the public opens June 15 2021. Stay tuned for details!

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