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Homeschool Dance Programs

We offer a variety Home School Dance Programs at Pound It Hip Hop Studios as we recognize that families are in need of a variety of safe programming options for their children that are taught by experienced and professional educators.


Our Home School Dance Programs include:

- 45 min dance class that can be your Phys Ed. component taught by a qualified and versatile dance educator.

- classes that emphasize creativity, collaboration, and self-expression.

- dancers will be building strength, coordination and flexibility while connecting with friends and having fun.


We have classes for elementary school students and middle school students.


Our 8 week sessions include up to 4 styles- ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop. Our technical classes conveniently run back to back for dancers wanting to learn more than one style. Multi class discounts available.


We provide over 3000 square feet for your children to move, laugh and learn in a safe and clean environment.


Features of our program:

* Qualified dance educators with RAD and ADAPT certification.

* Culturally aware street dance educators.


Technical Classes


1:00 PM Homeschool Ballet 45 min Elementary

2:00 PM Homeschool Tap 45 min Elementary

3:00 PM Homeschool Jazz 45 min Elementary

Elementary - Grades 1-4, ages 6-9

Winter Semester January 3-February 28 2022

Hip Hop


1:00pm Elementary Hip Hop

2:00pm Middle School Hip Hop

Elementary - Grades 1-4, ages 6-9

Middle School/Junior High- Grades 5-9, ages 10-15yrs


Homeschool.        1 style    2 styles    3 styles    4 styles

 8 wk Session.      $120.00   $192.00    $288.00   $384.00

Winter Semester January 7- March 11 2022.

No classes on February 18 and 25.

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