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  • How do I know what class to register in?
    Send us an email including your dance experience and dance goals. We can recommend a class or book a dance assessment. You are also fine to register in a Basic or Beginner Level for your age group and our instructors can advise on making any adjustments once they see you child in class. Please visit our Registration page to see the class options, you click the register button you will be taken to our Jackrabbit studio platform where you enter your info and all classes will be listed, you then choose your class of the list.
  • What is the dress code for classes?
    Street/Club Classes: Dancers are encourage to wear what they feel fresh and confident it. When you feel good you move good! Creating their own style is encouraged. Clean indoor sneakers are required. Ballet: Dancers will need a ballet bodysuit (any style), optional ballet wrap skirt, pink ballet tights, and ballet shoes (leather of canvas is acceptable. Hair must be in a bun. Jazz: Dancers will need a ballet bodysuit or fitted top (any style), tights or leggings, and jazz shoes (nude). Lyrical: Dancers will need a bodysuit or fitted shirt, tights or leggings, and toe undies (optional) if unable to dance barefoot. Tap: Dancers will need a bodysuit or fitted shirt, tights or leggings, and tap shoes.
  • Do you offer competitive programs?
    YES! We are so excited to be part of a Street/Club Dance Studio Collective that is launching the Legacy League which is the first of its kind. Finally a competition circuit created by street dance studios that respects and prioritizes respecting black/latino culture, honours the pioneers that paved the way for us and hires judges from the culture! In its first year all competitions will be hosted at the studio and streamed online, with finals being held in New York City July 2022 ( this is an optional trip, whether we qualify for finals or not. There will be camps and cultural tours during this trip) All dancers aged 6 years and up will have the opportunity to be part of the Legacy League. The authentic form of street dance competitions is the Battle. We host and attend several battles throughout the year. In battle culture it is considered a gesture of respect to stand up and battle against someone. It's a way of giving props or credit to a dancer whose done their homework and is putting themselves out there sharing their skills...but you still want to do better than them and win! The excitement and energy at these battles is incredible and even if you or your child doesn't feel ready to step into a battle, there is so much to be learned from watching. We also host beginner categories at our battles to allow a friendly, nurturing environment for our beginners to start in. ​ Our technical program will attend 3 competitions in spring. These dates will be announced in October.
  • What if my child doesn't want to continue?
    REC Classes- You may drop with 30 days email notice to We do encourage everyone to try complete ( at a minimum) Sept-Dec or Jan-June so choreography for our Christmas and Year End shows is complete without missing dancers. Dance and costume fees are non refundable. All competitive dancers are a full year commitment. We have this rule to ensure everyone's time and investment is honoured. It is not fair to the rest of the crew/group if dancers decide to drop dance part way through the year when competitions are entered and choreography is complete.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    All class payments are processed through our Jackrabbit studio software. We accept a void cheque/mastercard/visa for payment methods and you will be prompted to enter this information when you register. You may choose to have your fees processed on either the 1st or the 20th of each month. You can also log into your dancer portal at anytime and change your payment method.
  • Are classes mandatory?
    Unlimited Street and Club Dance Programs- This program includes one mandatory crew class per week where routines are cleaned. All other styles included in your registration are optional. This is to allow some flexibility in each dancers schedule. However the best value and best dancer development is obtained by attending the maximum number of classes! All other classes- technical, limited Saturdays, Bambinos and 4 yr olds we really need everyone coming to class as they only dance once a week. We appreciate an email if a dancer is going to be absent.
  • How long are the classes?
    Bambinos, 4/5yrs are all 30 min classes. (with the exception of the Chicken Noodle Soup Crew class 45min) All other classes are 45min- this may be adjusted to longer if required for certain crews.
  • Can parents watch?
    To minimize distractions we ask that parents drop dancers and leave. The instructor will invite parents in when they are ready. We leave this to our instructors discretion. We also frequently post class videos to our social media, so please watch and share!
  • How does the studio communicate with members?
    We send out mass emails through our studio jackrabbit software- these sometimes go to spam or junk folders because they are high volume. Please ensure you find your registration confirmation email and mark it as safe so remaining emails end up in your inbox. We also have our facebook studio member page that ALL MEMBERS MUST JOIN. Even if you don't do facebook, we require you to create an account to join the page as any short notice announcements are made here. You will have to ask to join the page and confirm your studio membership. Our Facebook Studio Member page:
  • Is there financial assistance for dance?
    YES! We have our awesome PIPA Pound It Parents Assoc that you can join and fundraise. The main fundraiser is an annual gala that the association hosts. Please view our Financial Assistance page for more info.
  • Where do I find the Studio Calendar?
    Important Dates and Studio Closures.


Don't hesitate to reach out if you have more questions!


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