Elements of Hip Hop Summer Camps
Red Deer July 23-26 2019
Breaking, Graffiti, DJing, MCing and KNOWLEDGE!  
Come learn the roots and history of the global phenomenon that is Hip Hop. In addition to breaking we will cover Hip Hop party dances and choreography. 
4 Principles of Hip Hop:
Peace, love, unity and having fun!
History will include the dire situation in the 1960s Bronx NY that gave birth to this beautiful culture and how unity through Hip Hop transformed a near war zone to a (more) peaceful community.
Dancers will learn why the elements are important in a authentic presentation of the culture.  We will also cover how the transfer of false information has contributed to a vast amount misunderstanding and exploitation of the Hip Hop culture ie) "gangsta rap", and false terms such as "studio stream hip hop" and "breakdancing".  By ensuring that our youth are given the correct information they can then be leaders and carry on the knowledge for generations to come. Each one teach one, and this is how change happens.
"If it doesn't have Bounce, Skate, Rock, Roll, Boogie, Break and dance with Soul- its not Hip Hop"- Mr Wiggles RSC
No previous experience necessary!
Times: 9am to 3pm
Attire: Stretchy clothes you can sweat in...and also paint in. Clean indoor shoes.
The camp ends with a photo shoot and performance for parents and family to watch on the last day.
Pound It T-shirts and Subway lunches are included!
Ages 5- 15 years, dancers will be split into groups according age/skill level.
Cost $275 plus Gst. 
2 payment options:
1. Hold your spot with $100 deposit. Deposits must be e-transfered to pounditdj@gmail.com. Make password HipHop . Balance is due July 1 2019.
2. Full payment by credit card is also accepted on the registration form.
*** Both options require online registration form to be completed**
Come Dance with Us!




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