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Battle City
Free Youth Summer Dance Program
June 13 - August 27 2022


What is Battle City? 

Battle City is an Alberta wide FREE breaking & open styles  training program that leads to a competition to showcase all  the hard work.  

Battle City originally started in Calgary in 2012 to help dancers  connect with their community by eliminating barriers such as  travel and cost. We assigned coaches/mentors in each area of  the city (NW, NE, SW, SE and Deep South), found studio or  community spaces and provided a month long opportunity to  connect and train.  

This year we have expanded and invited 4 other Cities (Red  Deer, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, and Vancouver). Teams will  start training mid July and go until the final  battle which is on August 27th in Calgary. 

This free program is open to youth 17 years old and younger.



All youth should have access to a location they can learn to dance that is not a long distance away or too expensive.

Sense of Belonging 

All youth should have a sense of belonging and feel included, develop friendships and life long bonds with their team and the community.


All youth should develop various skills in the discipline of dance they choose. These skills will be the building blocks to their development as  they strive to be a recreational or competitive dancer. 


All youth will develop the confident to cypher, battle, and perform in high pressured situations. 


We will see growth in youth participation in studios and the community.

  • Breaking (breakdance) with Funk E Mondays at 6pm

  • Open Styles ( Hip Hop, House, Lite Feet, Popping) with Rico Tuesdays at 6pm

  • First class is June 13 and runs weekly  (no class Aug 1 2022) until Aug 23 2022

  • One practice a week.

  • Battle in the finals Aug 27 in Calgary

  • Team shirts provided........did we mention it's FREE?! Limited spots, sign up now!

Battle City Registration

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