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  1.  View our Registration Page . Here you will find class descriptions and prices, also a tentative class schedule. Decide if you are looking for a Rec or Competitive Crew

  2. Rec crews  you made chose any class that corresponds with you or your dancers age. Any adjustments based on ability can be done once our season starts and instructors have a chance to assess all dancers.

  3. Competitive Crews-  La Bandita 6-9yrs, Red Deer City Breakers 10-14yrs and AK42s Adult Crew can all be joined without an assessment as they are all beginner/advanced beginner level classes.

  4. Super Girlz, Gravity , La Familia Jr and La Familia. These crews all require an assessment/placement. If you have an experienced dancer you want placed in one of these crews you can select the basic registration and attend out studio try outs day May 25 at 5pm OR you may go ahead and register for one of the rec or beginner/beginner advanced crews (#3 above) and let us know in the comments of the registration your dancer's experience and dance goals and we can look at options for placement once the season starts and instructors have a chance to assess all dancers.

  5. Once you have selected a class you click Kids, Teens or Adults. Again there is a brief description of each level/crew. 

  6. Click Register and you will be taken to our studio manager where you can fill the online registration, set up your account and payment info. Payment can be made via credit/debit card or bank draft. 

  7. Payments- You may choose Monthly, and have your fees process on either the 1st or 20th of each month. For Bi Annual- Tuition is split and paid half in Sept and half in January and Annual- the full year is paid at time of registration. Register online,  you will still be charged the first month when you register. Then email us and we can make arrangements for the bi annual and annual payments. 

After You Register


  1.  Please check your inbox for a copy of your registration. Ensure it is not in spam/junk as all of our emails will end up there.

  2. Join our private Facebook group Pound It Hip Hop Studio - Studio Member Page.  You will be required to confirm your dancer is a member. This page is where we do a lot of communicating so it is very important you join and check it often.

  3. Our Studio Dates and Closures are on our website

  4.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and

  5.  Please comment and share our content often to promote our dancers and show them lots of love :)

  6. Remember Bring 3 and Dance for Free! For any of our workshops and camps- bring 3 dancers and you will dance for free.

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