Welcome to Central Alberta's Home of Hip Hop


We are now multidisciplinary dance studio focused on honouring the authentic roots of Hip Hop culture and providing world class instruction to our students. Our aim is to educate and bring awareness about Hip Hop so we may help preserve the history and teachings of the pioneers who created these beautiful dance styles.  All the while providing an inviting, friendly inclusive environment where dancers feel at home. 

We have various levels of programs from ages 2 yrs to adult. All dancers have the opportunity to perform and/or battle a minimum of 3 times per year in our Christmas Battle in December, Zona Central Battle in Spring, and our Year End Show in June. With additional performance opportunities at community events and at our annual PIHHDA Gala. 

With the recent events and deaths of innocent black people in the USA we have taken a minute to pause and reflect on what is a global situation. Since opening the studio we have been very aware of the misconceptions around what is Hip Hop and how the term has been exploited for for financial gain. Up until this point we have tried to work with dance competitions to try educate on the issue and try help respectfully by letting them know that the categories they are selling as "Hip Hop" are not actually Hip Hop at all - as they often lack foundation, sometimes the music isn't even Hip Hop and often numbers are just someone's choreography that has no connection to the culture. To top it off, often these categories are being judged by a technical dancer that isn't even from the Hip Hop culture. So why and how is it being called Hip Hop?  Why is this harmful? This is cultural appropriation and not appreciation. Studios are selling this class with the same watered down features, misrepresenting the culture for financial gain.   Our feedback has been met with huge resistance. It appears that those who benefit from exploiting this culture aren't interested in knowing better or doing better. Therefore, in allegiance to the global Hip Hop community we will not be attending competitions that contribute to this problem.

Why Pound It?

Our teachings are emulated by the principles of hip hop- "Peace Love Unity and Having Fun". However, it is so much more than this. It is also commUNITY; recognizing the importance of giving back; standing up for what's right- even when it's difficult to do so; speaking up for those who are being left behind; each one teach one- conversations, sharing and inspiring; creativity; getting really good at being out of your comfort zone. Now offering technical programs so that dancers can continue their passions while learning street dance and train with the biggest names in the culture. 


The pay off? 

Strength, positivity, resilience, discipline, respect, kindness and commUNITY.

Pound It has received global recognition for our impact on the local dance scene, and we are just getting started!

More than choreography......more than dance.