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Meet The Team

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  • Let us help you find the perfect dance program.

  • Classes for ages 2 to adult

All levels welcome!

Street Dance: Hip Hop, Breaking, Locking, Popping, Litefeet

Club Dance: Chicago Footwork, House, Waacking

Chicken Noodle Soup for 4/5yr olds.

Basic, Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels for ages 





We opened the fall of 2012, teaching breaking and hip hop upstairs above a fitness centre in Eckville Alberta. Our classes quickly filled and in winter 2012 we opened classes on Sunday mornings in Chairtease Dance studio in Red Deer Alberta. With the love and support of our community we were able to grow into our first small space which we now call "The Black and Yellow" by the spring of 2013.



Heading into our 10th year we are now a multidisciplinary dance studio focused on honouring the authentic roots of Hip Hop culture and providing world class instruction to our students. We aim to educate and bring awareness about Hip Hop so we may help preserve the history and teachings of the Pioneers, Elders and Classics who created these beautiful dance styles. All the while providing an inviting and inclusive environment where dancers feel at home. 


​Our studio is aware of the misconceptions around what Hip Hop culture is and how the term has been globally exploited for financial gain. Our goal to ensure we are creating culturally aware dancers that grow into culturally aware humans that make an effort to be the change they want to see in the world. Pound It Hip Hop Studio’s teachings are emulated by the principles of hip hop: Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun. However, for us it is so much more than this. It is also about commUNITY engagement, recognizing the importance of giving back, standing up for equality, cultivating resilience, inspiring others,utilizing creativity, being 'real' and authentic.

We have programs for ages 2 years to adults. Recreational, pre competitive and competitive programs. We perform, host workshops, compete, and battle throughout the year. We offer educational dance travel opportunities to New York City, Vancouver and Toronto.

Come try some classes, meet us and ask any questions you may have!

from our past and present studio members

Angie Dee.jpeg

Angie L.

"2021/2022 will be our son’s eighth season at Pound It Hip Hop Dance Studio! Rico, the studio owner and lead instructor, is knowledgeable, very talented and is an excellent mentor for the kids within his program. He teaches the fundamentals of true hip hop culture while at the same time making the classes fun for participants. Part of the education and training provided by the studio has been in the form of world renowned, top notch, international guest instructors from as far away as Germany and the USA. This studio offers a welcoming environment and grass roots hip hop at its finest! I wish I could give them 10 stars!!

Melissa H.jpeg

Melissa H.

Pound It and the Pound It family invited us with open arms into their world. This inclusive studio is everything our family could ever hope for. The culture is perfect and brings a love for music, movement, unity and individual confidence. We were a little apprehensive to join a hip hop dance studio with hip hop promoted the way it is in mainstream culture, but to experience hip hop in it's root form was eye opening. Unity, art, love and support are all words we now use to describe this dance form.

There are not words that can express the innate ability of Rico and the other instructors to connect with their students and promote the best in each one individually. They takes the time to learn and understand individual students and pushes them JUST the right amount to make them succeed and fly with their own wings. La Familia should not be the words used to describe just one group of dancers, instead it should describe the atmosphere of the studio. Whether dancing competitively or non-competitively you are part of the family! We recommend Pound It to everyone


Sharon A.

Jayden has attended Pound It for the last 3 years. She spent the last year training to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games. She attended the World Youth Breaking Championship in Japan in May. None of this would have been possible without the training and support of Rico and the staff from Pound It.
I began dancing with Pound It 2 years ago at the age of 55. O
It is so much fun! Rico has made me feel welcome even though I cannot do everything the younger women (and men) can. It is a great, family atmosphere, and I would highly recommend this studio!


  • Only one mandatory crew class per week

  • All additional classes/styles are optional and included

  • Flexibility- ie. take 1 class this week and 6 the next. Perfect for busy families.

  • More studio time = better value and better dancer development

  • Each age level has at least one day a week they can attend multiple classes

we Can't wait to meet you!

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